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The Kickstart Community

Kickstarter  ($300/month)

Join our select group of entrepreneurs who have found that having a ‘hotdesk’ in a collaborative community environment of other entrepreneurs is a lot better than working from home. This 24/7 facility in a mall in Vancouver’s Gastown community, the entrepreneur hub, is the closest thing to perfection with no long term leases, a cool place to work and a place to call home.
At $300/month you can come and go anytime, claim a desk, hang-out with other entrepreneurs, attend incredible workshops and events, meet clients in our coffee shop and feel the exhilaration of working with other entrepreneurs who understand you and share your vision. You want to drink our cool-aid?


Join Us!


Kickstart Associate ($50/month)

Membership in this exclusive enclave of entrepreneurs is for the person who needs to hang out at a hub of opportunity and a place where connections and collaboration is paramount.
You can use our Vancouver facility as your mailing address, attend our many workshops and have business meetings in our coffee shop environment. If you need more we are able to help.
Imagine a place where entrepreneurship is revered and opportunities can be that entrepreneur sitting next you having a coffee. At $50/month, this is not only affordable it’s necessary.